eBook: Do's & Don'ts for Travel

Learn the tips & tricks of properly leveraging 360 VR ads from the 360 VR advertising experts!

The Do's & Don'ts of 360 VR Advertising for Travel eBook Cover

Things You'll Learn in this eBook

Hotspot Technology

Hotspots add more engagement and interactivity in a 360 VR ad, allowing you to create  what we call a "rabbit hole of interactivity."

More than 360 Videos

360 VR ads are more than just 360 videos! You can use 360 images and 2D assets as well and still be able to create an engaging experience!

Focal Point

Be strategic with where your 360 VR ad begins and be sure to make it clear where their attention should be focused for most of the experience.

iPhone with Advrtas 360 VR Ad

New Set of Data Points

360 VR ads leverage a new set of data points to measure success, meaning you don't just have to focus on click throughs.

Keep Things Interesting

Take advantage of things like audio and visual cues or even just leveraging the space around you to keep the experience interesting for your audience.

Length Matters

 Optimal length allows your viewers to have enough time to explore, while also not tiring them with a very long experience.